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Paediatric Seating - Sized for Children

The new Varilite JUNIOR Cushion is proportionally designed for a child’s body, keeping in mind that children are not small adults. The JUNIOR cushion uses Varilite’s patented Air Foam Floatation technology, that immerses the child’s body into air to provide comfort, while the foam holds the body in position. The Varilite Junior cushion is lightweight, compact, and simple to use.

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Good Posture

The Varilite JUNIOR features the Multi-stiffness foam with a nonintrusive thigh abductor. The Multistiffness foam promotes immersion and stability, while the added thigh abductor promotes the natural femoral position from an early age.

Quick Adjustments

Making adjustments to the Varilite JUNIOR cushion is quick and simple. The cushion has a valve allowing self-inflation which can be adjusted easily to release air. While the child is seated on a fully inflated cushion, the valve can be released allowing air to escape, to give the right amount of immersion and comfort.

Easy to Clean

Keeping kids in mind, and letting them be kids, the Varilite JUNIOR cushion itself has been designed to be waterproof, while the cover is water resistant and machine washable.

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Please note: The old 10" x 10" code (71120) is now used for 11" x 11". See below for new codes.

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