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Tarta EMYS

EMYS is a unique back support, designed to fit you and the shape of your back. It acts as an exoskeleton to support your spine. The EMYS has been designed to allow for flexibility, adjustablity and customisation. The cushions of the EMYS are made from high density foam to give a softer feel. The cushion covers can be removed and washed at up to 60 degrees celcius.  EMYS is easy to adjust.

The standard out-of-the-box EMYS is available in an anodised silver look but you can also ‘pimp your ride’ if you wish. Customisation is exclusive to Tarta’s range of back supports, and can be made exclusive to you.

The Tarta EMYS comes in a variety of sizes including 3, 4, or 5 vertebrae, standard, contoured and deep contoured back, as well as different widths between 25.8cm and 38cm.


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