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The Tarta back system is customisable to suit individual needs. The upper parts of the back are more flexible and allow for natural movement of the body, while the lower parts when fixed give excellent lumbar support. Every rib and vertebra is padded that makes the back not only comfortable but breathable allowing circulation of air through every rib.

The Tarta back system is available in 4 sizes, small, medium, large and extra large, with the height support options of 4, 5 and 6 vertebrae.

The pads attached to the ribs also known as slats of the back come with adjustable with Velcro attachments. The back system is not only available in a standard padded shape model with slightly curved slats, but also in a contoured padded shaped model for extra support. 

The Tarta back system is easily adjustable offering adaptability. Every vertebra allows for 10 degree inward and outward inclination. The ribs are made of durable and adjustable aluminium that can be curved a few millimetres for the best suited fit.

Taking into consideration, the functionality of the back and capabilities of being customisable, the Tarta back only weighs from 895 gm to 1830 gm.

The Tarta back can be fitted onto most wheelchair types, such as a canvas back, power wheelchair, and manual wheelchair. The back can be mounted on a wheelchair either by a single point mount/connecter attached to the rigidiser bar of the wheelchair or through a two point mounting system.


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