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The StandEasy Footwear is a physiotherapeutic tool designed to embrace the foot and aid it in its functions, for those on their feet all day, whether standing, walking, or running.  

Cotton, Lycra and elastic nylon yarns are woven into bands that move with the foot during walking, producing a massaging affect that assists with lymph drainage and firming of the muscles of the feet. The different weave lines and areas of elasticity respect the natural strength lines of the foot muscles and joints, giving an ergonomic fit. The cotton content within the footwear allows skin to breathe. 

The StandEasy footwear is available in 4 styles for different lifestyle needs. The Minimax may be worn underneath a normal sock and covers the foot from toe to arch. The short size rests just below the ankle and the medium size rests just above the ankle. The long version ascends to mid-calf. All styles are available in black or optic white.

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