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See 4 Safety

The See 4 Safety helps you to navigate the night in safety and with confidence. 

The See 4 Safety light clips easily to any walker, frame, and wheelchair tubing. It switches on automatically when the sensor detects low light conditions and movement, and switches off when movement stops or light conditions improve.

Benefits of See 4 Safety

Automatic Switch on/off

The See 4 Safety light switches on automatically in low light conditions when movement is detected, and switches off when movement stops after 30 seconds. This means there are no switches to find in the dark, and battery life is preserved.

Clip Grip

The clip of the See 4 Safety light has a rubber grip to fasten onto walkers and frames securely, and fits onto a large range of tubing sizes.

Hands-free Use

The See 4 Safety light does not need to be touched to be activated or switched off, making it perfect for users with limited mobility or bad memories. 1 x AAA battery included.

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