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One of the most important benefits of Leggero™ Buggies is that they are designed to fit the child precisely. They allow for seat depth, hip angle, and seat to back angle adjustments as well as height of arm and foot supports alterations, to suit children of different shapes and sizes.

Leggero™ Buggies are available with comfortable seat and
back cushions that come as standard. They also come with
head supports and a canopy hood for sun protection.

Leggero™ Buggies are lightweight to handle and fold
easily into a compact shape. Leggero™ Buggies have height adjustable push handles and the rear wheels of Leggero™ Buggies can be removed and are available with foot operated wheel locks. Leggero™ Buggies are also available with anti-tip devices.

Leggero™ Buggies are designed to accommodate belts,
harnesses, lateral trunk and pelvic supports, abductors,
and alternative head supports if specific secondary
support is needed. Leggero™ Buggies are available
with the option of adding transit mounts to secure
them during transportation.

Available in four colours: Rosso Red, Ice Silver, Big Sky Blue, and Snowberry Pink.

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Leggero Buggies

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