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EXOFLEX - Technology and Therapy Working Hand-in-Hand

EXOFLEX® is a modular and portable hand therapy and assessment device which can perform passive and active therapy routines, while being able to record change with time.

EXOFLEX® can manipulate specific finger segments either independently or in conjunction with one another. 

• Capable of both passive and active therapy
• Individual and precise finger segment control
• Fully customisable therapy routines
• Remote therapy
• Modular system

If you would like to know more about the EXOFLEX® email  Peter Abolfathi (Product Development Manager)

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The EXOFLEX® won the Excellence in Technology award at the National Disability Awards 2016! Read more about how the EXOFLEX® can benefit hand therapy patients here

You can also see the Exoflex in action in this video:

Exoflex news video


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