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Dynaspine - A dynamic back to replace wheelchair back canvasses

Dynaspine is a back support with a unique design. The flexible ergonomic design supports dynamic activity and function, and is the first of its kind that allows for dynamic movement of the spine. It has two flexible back support plates, specially designed to mould and adjust to your position whilst seated, ensuring correct posture is maintained and your back is always supported.

Ergonomic design
Conforms to the contours of your spine for ideal fit

Allows for correct fitting for all shapes and sizes

Flexible design
Allows movement while still offering optimal support

Central vent
Promotes optimal airflow


Dynaspine is easy to:

  • Assemble  
  • Use
  • Take with you

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Benefits of the Dynaspine
Benefits Dynaspine

Allows for dynamic movement

Dynaspine encourages and enables dynamic movement while being seating. Sitting is an activity and Dynaspine's dynamic feature supports the individual's dynamic activities rather than being static in a back.

Benefits Dynaspine

Designed keeping the user in mind

Dynaspine has a unique design with two back plates which contour to the back and support the spine. The back is designed to move and allow for dynamic activity while being seated. The central vent and other small vents within the back support promote air flow. Its unique design is aesthetically pleasing and discreet.

Benefits Dynaspine

Ease of use

Dynaspine is easy to assemble and light. Once assembled it is easy to remove and insert into the wheelchair, ready to go.

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