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The FSA Orthotest is an ultra-thin and conformable stand-on mat, allowing more effective comparison of a patient's treated and untreated stance (as well as comparing differing treatments) by allowing an orthotic to be placed under the mat. This allows you and you patient to arrive at the most effective solution in a quick, hassle-free manner.

The visual representation enables the clinician to identify the patient's tendencies. The pressure mapping data from the Orthotest provides the opportunity to adjust and easily evaluate multiple solutions and strategies. Possible orthotic and footwear solutions can be reviewed and validated with patient feedback. With the data in hand, the clinician can advise the individual on recommendations and solutions to help improve the situation. The individual and family members can be educated on recommended treatment, orthotic solutions and footwear choices. 

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Benefits of the Orthotest

True Results with a Static Test

The Orthotest is a static test. The benefit of having a static test is that it shows true results which are not forced or altered like other gait test that could manipulate the result by not showing the natural walking pattern. 

Provides a solution

The benefit of the Orthotest is that it can be tested with and without an orthotic which helps the clinician compare the outcome of using an orthotic. The pressure map data also helps clinician find the right orthotic, footwear, etc for the individual.

Prevention, better than cure

The Orthotest not only helps to show the current situation and issues of the foot but acts as an aid to help clinicians analyse future complications that can be caused to the foot from the current situation. It thus helps them prevent what could be a future problem.

FSA Orthotest


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