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MLine by Aexis

MLine is the overall name for the suite of applications Aexis Medical offers for various hospital departments. The applications are EndoLine, ORLine, SteriLine and ERLine, and they are a complete planning and management tool for the operation theatre, a CSSD (Central Sterilisation Service Department) management software (being a Track & Trace system for medical instruments) and a comprehensive Emergency-Room Management system. 

The integrated nature of this software allows departments to better plan their work around other department's needs. For example, the Sterile Service Department would be able to see which theatres are being used and when so they are able to prioritise the required instruments, whilst theatres are able to see availability of sets required for the day.

Some of the benefits arising could include:

  • Machine productivity
  • SSD Staff productivity
  • Instrument kit life analysis
  • Instrument kit usage analysis
  • Integration with Theatre needs e.g. will the instruments needed for a procedure be available on time/just in time
  • Links on instrument useage back into patient records and v.v.
  • Improved theatre productivity
  • Surgeon productivity analysis
  • Integration with emergency, e.g. A&E, demands
  • Sharing of resources with other departments and facilities
  • Just in time availability and restocking of implants, consumables etc


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